How Does Retargeting Work


Benefits of Retargeting

Our Technology

Our technology works on Javascript Tags, there are 3 tags in total to be installed;


TAG 1– To be installed on the “Home Page”

TAG 2– To be installed on the “Registration Page”

TAG 3– To be installed on the “Checkout page” as well as the “Post Checkout Thank You Page”


  1. Javascript is the most common method for Ad Delivery.
  2. Javascript is flexible, allowing us to make decisions about what ad to display in real time.
  3. Javascript can tell us what browser the user is browsing on, what device they are using, etc. This allows us to do some interesting customizations inside the ad itself in REAL TIME.


In Summary- Javascript allows us to display cleverer ads that are more innovative than the competitors.

Our Self Learning predictive engine finds the right products and services to advertise to your users based on their browsing behavior on your site. For a user visiting a retail client we are able to tell the percentage likelihood of them purchasing certain items, such as the item below.

Black Shoes


Black Trousers


Blue Jacket


White T Shirt

Cost per Acquisition/Sale pricing model

100% Performance Marketing

We work purely on a Cost per Sale. Cost per Acquisition or Cost per Lead Pricing Models.

Our Technology is so efficient and reliable that we are confident in delivering sales so you only pay us if the customer makes a purchase.  This makes our service risk free.


If you have visited “One piece” and viewed a product then you will see a static banner bellow or a banner of other products from “One Piece” that might be of interest to you (based on your recent browsing habits)


1. Otherwise you will see a static banner of “One Piece”


2. Click on the static banner or HERE to visit “One Piece”


3. You can visit some products like Air Jumpsuit Black or Drum & Bass Onesie Calypso Coral


4. Please refresh this page: refresh page


5. Now you will see another banner (served by Targeted Customer Acquisition) with products that you have shown interest in as well as related products.

Important Information

Tag installation Guidelines

User Agreement

Marketing Leaflet


At Targeted Customer Acquisition (part of Targeted Ad Solutions) we are very careful with the use of information and adhere to UK and EU privacy laws and regulations.

No personal data of a user is saved and connected to them afterwards. We only use information about the search behaviour of anonymous Internet users i.e. which sites of the sites that are known to us the user has opened and which products he viewed in the stores of our partners.

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